Lithuanian Ethnoastronomy

1. The Origin of the Sun

In the riddles the Sun is compared to an apple, rounded objects of the household; a pot, a barrel, a plate. In the riddles the Sun is also compare to the golden log and the rays of the Sun called golden chips of the wood cutting: ‘‘Iš lango langan aukso sienojis’‘ (from the window to the window golden log); "Už marių kerta - per langą skiedros šoka" (from behind the seas they fell [the trees] - the chips are flying through the window) (LT V 450-451). We can also find in the riddles the comparison of the Sun with the burning fire (LTV 450-451) and with the maiden (LTV 458). In the folk songs the Sun is compared to the ring (Balys 1943, 6-7) or a wreath (Laurinkienė 1990, 135-136) and called ‘‘riduolelė’‘ (a roller). There are recorded opinions that he Sun is the ‘‘verdanti smala’‘ (boiling tar) (Minčinauskienė, Šiauliai region, 1995), ‘‘degantis akmuo’‘ (burning stone) (Kulikauskienė Joniškis region 1995). In general the Sun could have been seen as the burning ball cf: ‘‘Ė Saułė tokias ugninis obuolys...’‘ (The Sun is such a fiery apple...) (Vaiškūnas 1990).